President Lungu of Zambia has been criticised by opposition politicians for cutting his monthly salary while increasing his foreign journeys the same time.

He has cut his monthly salary into half to lead by example in effecting austerity measures, Vice President Inonge Wina has just announced.

The Statutory Instrument (SI) 19 of 2016 puts the Presidential salary at ZMW 36,000.00/m. This cut shows that his basic salary will reduce to K18,000. This is President Edgar Lungu’s second sacrificial gesture after he offered not to benefit from the presidential house initiative.

And addressing Parliament on 18th September 2015, President Edgar Lungu said he does not want the state to build a house for him and would be happy to move back to his home constituency of Chawama when he leaves office.

The head of state made the declaration in his inaugural State of the Nation address during the official opening of the fifth session of the eleventh National Assembly in Lusaka.

He told Parliament that the practice of building houses for former presidents must be done away with altogether, saying it is not only unsustainable economically but also unfair and inequitable towards other constitutional office holders.

He therefore asked parliament to review the Benefits of Former Presidents Act and make it in line with what is economically sustainable for the country.

“Even the issue of building houses for former presidents should be reviewed. I don’t think it is fair or equitable to build a house for me as if I was working alone. What about other constitutional office holders such as the Vice President, ministers…..,” he said.