With the delimitation report now been gazetted, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa will soon be making a proclamation of the harmonised elections date.

“As per the requirement of the Constitution, our country will soon be holding our harmonised elections,” said President Mnangagwa calling on the youths to register to vote.

“The majority of you, our young people will be voting in these elections, some for the first time. I challenge you to exercise this sacred right, responsibly, aware that it was paid for by the blood of many sons and daughters of Zimbabwe, some of whom were your age,” he said.

Mnangagwa called for peaceful polls.

“As peace-loving people, let us continue to guard and protect the stability we are enjoying in our nation by saying no to violence and rejecting those bent on causing mayhem, turmoil, and insecurity in our nation,” he said.