President Emmerson Mnangagwa got more than what he bargained for over his seemingly ‘well meaning’ comments on Twitter regarding Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

Mnangagwa had said:

“In every industry, in every corner of the world, Zimbabweans are innovating and achieving greatness.

“Our diaspora is one of Zimbabwe’s great strengths.

“Congratulations to
@tnashenyamudoka on this deserved recognition.”

However, some followers told Mnangagwa off saying the Zimbabweans he is praising for putting country’s flag on the world map are not enjoying being outside the country at all, but have been forced out by his regime.

“Havatodi kugara kunze kwenyika, usasimbisa zvisina basa, vari kutiza nhamo munyika nyika ngainake tione kut munovadeedza kut diasporians here,” said one follower.

Another one had this to say: “In every neighbouring countries they battling illegal migrants from Zimbabwe. And they are running away from you.”

“Diaspora Vote Now!

“But then again, the Gukurahundist military backed &now led ZanuPF JUNTA gvt will not allow electoral regime change.”

Yet another Twitter follower told Mnangagwa to shut up: “Nyarara iwe,” said the follower.

Yet another follower implored him to allow diaspora vote.

Meanwhile, some other followers stood with President Mnangagwa’s well meaning comments.

They joined him wishing them all the best as they raise the country’s flag I foreign lands.