All roads will, in a fortinight’s time, lead to the small cotton-growing Midlands town of Gokwe where a variety of companies will showcase their goods and services at the inaugural 2021 edition of Gokwe Expo to be held at a local hotel.

Zwnews– which will carry out an exclusive coverage of the historic exhibition show to be held on October 23 2021- can confirm that expo staffers are now putting final touches in their preparations for the occasion that is a first of its kind in the town.

Gokwe Hotel will play host to the exhibition extravaganza which is being held under the auspices of Afrika Kusini Business Network.

“Due to the overwhelming responses we have been receiving from a variety of organisations, we are expecting a number of delegates and show-goers to grace this momentous occassion,” Madron Matiza of Afrika Kusini Business Network, told this publication in an interview.

“As a community, Gokwe has been subjected to continued derision and mimicking, esspecially on WhatsApp and various other social networking platforms. And, the main aim of this event is not only to interlink service providers and the consumers, we want to do away with the myths and misperceptions associated with Gokwe and its people. All we are saying to the people of Zimbabwe is, ‘Visit Gokwe’ and see what the community has to offer,” he said.i

Matiza (main picture) said the agrarian Midlands town has a lot to offer economically, and can significantly contribute towards the national fiscus if the resources that are in the area are harnessed towards development.