All is not well for a pregnant Harare woman who was recently arrested after she was found in possession of 47 bottles of BronCleer.

Nyarai Chikomba argued that  BronCleer treats asthma when she appeared before Harare Magistrate Francis Mapfumo facing charges of possessing unregistered medicine.

Chikomba pleaded guilty as charged.

The court heard that on May 7 this year around 9 a.m,  detectives received information that Chikomba was in possession of dangerous drugs at her house and they where went to her house where they introduced themselves and the purpose of their visit.

The detectives searched the house and they found 22 bottles of BronCleer cough syrup hidden in a deep freezer, four bottles stashed in a headboard drawer and 21 bottles were recovered from a grey bag. The medicine was seized and she was arrested.

In mitigation, Chikomba told the court that the bottles were for her asthma treatment.

” I went to the hospital and they told me they can’t recommend me any medicine for asthma because I  am pregnant, so I decided to buy Bron Cleer.”

In the courts ruling, the accused was slapped with a $200 fine. Chikomba risks being jailed for 30 days if she fails to pay for the fine.