SOUTH AFRICA: Violence directed at foreign nationals has erupted in Diepsloot in Johannesburg. Angry residents are protesting against foreign nationals in their midst.

This comes after a Zimbabwean national identified as Preymore Dube allegedly killed a South African police officer in Diepsloot, Johannesburg on 17 January while resisting arrest.

Whats going on?

South African nationals from Diepsloot in Johannesburg are reportedly venting their anger on foreign nationals who they accuse of killing locals, it has emerged.
Reports from the southern African economic powerhouse are to the effect that Diepsloot residents have been indiscriminately attacking foreign nationals in the area.
The country has struggled to contain the perennially nauseating wave of xenophobic attacks in recent years. Last year, Zimbabweans booed President Cyril Ramaphosa whilst he was addressing mourners during a memorial service for the late long-ruling Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe.
Ramaphosa subsequently apologised to Zimbabweans for the xenophobic violence that had rocked his country, back then.

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Sources say the people in Diepsloot are protesting by burning tires and blocking roads as a call to the government, “they are not ATTACKING anyone.”

The cop shooter has since been arrested and is now in police custody. In a video clip circulating on social media, the man is seen being assaulted by police who also declare war on Zimbabwean nationals.

Preymore Dube arrested by SA police

The police officers could be heard saying they are tired of Zimbabweans committing crime in South Africa declaring that they will get rid of all of them.

In his defence, the man claims he did not know that the person he shot was a policeman.

Dube allegedly shot Diepsloot police captain Oupa Matjie, 54, three times on the head and he died on the spot.