A police officer Maxwell Guvava has been arrested, detained and charged with insulting or undermining authority of President Emmerson Mnangagwa by questioning his capability to solve the country’s economic crisis.

Guvava who is being represented by Godfrey Mupanga of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights is also in trouble for telling ZANU-PF members that Zimbabwe is a rotten country.

Meanwhile, this is not first time for a civil servant to have made such sentiments.

In Zimbabwe government workers are living sorry lives, and in some instances they make sentiments deemed not proper for them.

In 2020, another pplice officer Taison Hove was arrested for allegedly insulting Mnangagwa when he called for him to step down to pave way for the opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

Hove implied that’s Mnangagwa had failed to manage the country’s affairs.

In worse scenarios members of the security forces have been implicated in dirty acts like armed robberies or supplying firearms to robbers. In most cases they blame the country’s economic situation.