ZRP boss Godwin Matanga 

There was drama at the High Court in Harare today as arresting officer embarrassed self under grilling by Beatrice Mtetwa, Job Sikhala’s lawyer.

Initially the Law and Order police officer failed to answer questions put to him by Sikhala’s lawyer after the police and the State gave unsatisfactory reasons for denying Sikhala bail.

The police officer was later asked by defense lawyer where Sikhala will run away to if he is given bail.

The police officer responded;
“To Bikita your worship,” and the court went into hysterical laughter.

At one point the police officer had to withdrew 1 of the reasons for denying Sikhala bail during the grilling by lead defense lawyer, Mtetwa.

The police were saying Sikhala has outstanding cases and has a propensity to commit crimes, but was later forced to backpedle.

The officer then accepted that
Sikhala can’t have a propensity to commit crimes because he has never been convicted

This was after the police was objecting to bail on the grounds that Sikhala has a propensity to commit crimes.

As stated by Hopewell Chin’ono who attended the court session, all the reasons put forward for denying bail have were exposed by Mtetwa.