After hogging the headlines for raping and stabbing his 19-year-old step daughter Olga Nyasha, 15 times, Zimbabwe Republic Police officer Constable Nigel Jalasi, (27)now roams the streets after he was granted bail by the High Court.

According to sources, Jalasi is reported to have attended a family gathering in Highfield on Sunday.

Jalasi’s release has become bad news for his wife and mother of the slain daughter, Inspector Regina Mhondiwa, 41, who is now living in fear.

In an interview with H-metro Mhodiwa said,

“We heard that Jalasi was released after he successfully applied for bail and we had a sleepless night that we approached police for security.

“I am still in shock and I am now living in fear if it is true that Jalasi was released. There is nothing I can do. It is his right but that right is adding salt on my wound which is still to heal, “she said.