GUTU – A Gutu family was left leaking its wounds after a man claiming to be a child born out of wedlock between President Mnangagwa’s daughter and a deceased member of the family visited for a reunion.
Tonderai Mushamiri (29) visited Miriam Runyowa of Runyowa Village under Chief Gutu and told her that he was a recent graduate from the school of medicine and was therefore a medical doctor. He said that he was the son of President Mnangagwa’s daughter but his father was the late Paul Njekeya who is Runyowa’s brother.
Mushamiri who comes from Madhanana in Gokwe said he felt strongly that he needed to unite with the family of his father before he started work.
He appeared before Magistrate Victor Mohamadi on Monday facing six counts of fraud after he swindled six members of ‘his new family’ of their hard-earned cash.
It is the State case that, on May 14, 2019 Mushamiri identified himself as Confidence Mnangangwa and convinced the family of his relationship with them. He produced his curriculum vitae whose professional qualifications showed that he had medical qualifications.
He proposed a family get together party the next day and convinced Runyowa to borrow groceries worth $424 and promised to pay once he converted his US$ into RTGS$. Mushamiri accompanied Runyowa to Runyowa Business Centre and they borrowed the goods.
On the same day he borrowed $40 from another extended family member, Macheche Macheche (52) of Hwicho Village and said this was for fuel for a lorry that would ferry family members for a photo shoot at Mpandawana Growth Point. He gave Macheche grey trousers and blue checked shirt as a gift.
Aaron Macheche (60) from Hwicho Village was informed by his uncle Solomon Macheche that there was a new family member who had visited and went to see him. Mushamiri then asked Macheche for his Sony cell phone to use for lighting and promised to give him back the following day.
On the fourth count, Tendai Madhende (34) of Hwicho Village was informed by his mother in-law Rebbecca Macheche that there was a new family member and she proceeded to meet him. Mushamiri asked for $43 cash which he promised to pay back at the photo shoot the following day and he was given.
Elizabeth Chipika (36) from Hwicho Village was also informed about the new relative, she met and lent him $20. Chipika was promised groceries the next day.
Melbo Gumunyu (35) of Village 2 Mazongororo went to see the accused who claimed to be her late brother’s son. Gumunyu passed through Macheche’s homestead on her way to Mpandawana High School to pay school fees using Ecocash.
Mushamiri asked for her sim card and Ecocash pin and said he wanted to use the money urgently, he promised to give her $USD instead the following day. The money was transferred to another phone.
It was at 8am on May 16, when everyone was ready for the photo shoot that they realised the medical doctor had vanished and that the matter was reported to the Police leading to the arrest of Mushamiri.