The  grandmother of Platinum Prince took the time to speak to reporters after her grandson was abducted and tortured by armed men.

Gogo Mutakura said she had reported the case to the police and hasn’t been able to speak to the singer who was left for dead after releasing a touching video, Ndoyacho Here President, denouncing Mnangagwa’s government.

She said:

Yesterday as I was in a kombi to town I learnt that Ian was assaulted and that’s the time I even saw the pictures. With much confusion along with his aunt we went to the Harare Central Police Station where we lodged a complaint.

In the Kombi I was told he was found along Chiremba road with scars and bleeding all over his body. While we were at the police they made several phone calls to different police stations asking about this. After the calls they told us they will continue to investigate and they will get back to us if they found anything. Up to now we are worried about this issue.

Platinum recently made headlines after he released a song expressing concern over the state of affairs since President Mnangagwa took over power.

In his video, he sings about Zimbabwe cities flooded with sewage without clean running water. He also mentions high cost of leaving, abductions, mass migration, ZESA power cuts and financial problems affecting masses.