With the untimely death of Sekuru Ndunge came the question of the hour, who among his surviving children would take over the family business.

Jane, the eldest surviving child of Sekuru Ndunge did not mince her words as she literally declared herself the successor.

“I am now a fully fledged traditional healer and I am based nearby across the border on the Mozambican side.

During the time that my father was not feeling well, I even assisted him on a number of occasions. There could be some among my siblings who would want to practice it but they have not been open about it”

I can safely say I am the one who is carrying on with my father’s work,” Jane Ndunge said.

However his eldest som Jabulani said there is no successor yet

Jabulani Ndunge said:

“There is no one in the family I can call a successor to my father’s trade. If there is going to be one to succeed him then that will certainly come later not now.

Jane Ndunge