Jonathan Moyo posts:It’s trite that Sydney Gata was appointed to #Zesa by Mnangagwa and thus imposed on Chasi. Gata and Mnangagwa are notorious polygamists who are married to Mayahle sisters, vivacious Chipinge beauties, from Mutema Communal Lands: Gata to Angeline and Mnangagwa to Moline(TOP LEFT)!

In May 2019, Mnangagwa ordered then tourism minister Mupfumira to appoint to the EMA board his customary wife Moline Mayahle, sister to Gata’s wife Angeline Mayahle, with whom they have several children. So, Mnangagwa did not EXPECT Chasi to cause Gata’s removal from Zesa!

ANXIOUS TIMES: So Chasi’s misfortune in losing the Ministry of Energy to Soda, had little or nothing to do with #Zesa or who (among Mnangagwa, Gata & Gata’s son) married or dated or has kids with which of the three Mayahle beauties from Mutema between Moline, Shyline & Angeline!

Chipinge beauty for ED

source: Jonathan Moyo