A man’s claim of discovering his wife with her lover along First Street in Harare led to a tumultuous scene in the heart of the capital’s Central Business District. Conflicting reports surround the incident, with some witnesses asserting that the exposed pair were caught kissing in a car, while others suggest a longer-term relationship, even indicating that they attended the same church.

The commotion swiftly escalated, prompting onlookers to transport the involved parties to the First Street Police post, attracting a sizable crowd of witnesses. The irate husband was overheard expressing his frustration, accusing the man of frequenting his home and being involved with his wife.

According to one witness, the two individuals, who allegedly operate along George Silundika Avenue, were found in the same car, sparking varying accounts of their interaction, with some claiming they were engaged in conversation while others insisted they were kissing. The car in question was reportedly parked at the intersection of Nelson Mandela and First Street.

Another witness shed light on the complex dynamics, stating, “These individuals attend the same church, and today things will change as this man will be caught with his wife. The intricacies of romantic entanglements are now unfolding. These older gentlemen excel in courting younger women. Look now, a predicament has arisen.”

The lovers