Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa has addressed his final gathering two days before elections code named ‘Game Over rally’ which drew thousand of supporters in the capital this afternoon.

Addressing the gathering, Chamisa called on the citizens to get ready for change saying he and his team are gearing up to avoid a repeat of 2018, he thanked the citizens for funding the campaign.

“We are not funded by the East or the West but by the citizens,” he said.

He promised a change of governance culture under a CCC administration, to restore Zimbabwe into the family of nations.

He vowed to be a President for everyone and promised to unite the nation, embrace all political actors and make sure the country works under the mantra – One People, One Nation, One Vision.

Apparently, addressing the same gathering, his wife Sithokozile Chamisa, called on the nation to vote in peace on Wednesday, saying they are building a Zimbabwe for everyone.