Harare: A UK-based woman says Prophet Walter Magaya’s prayers had led to the release of her considerable amount of money.

Karen Caulfear said she sold her property in the UK to raise funds establish to establish a healthcare business in Zimbabwe.

“After selling the house she made a bank transfer of the money to Zimbabwe but the transfer never made it through to Zimbabwe. The bank in the United Kingdom never had it any longer whilst at the same time it did not reach Zimbabwe. The United Kingdom bank told her that they could not help her any longer at the money was no longer with their bank. Literally, the funds were being held somewhere in cyber-space.

She felt the problem needed some divine intervention and thus decided to come to Zimbabwe, here at Arena of Liberty to be precise and the God of Prophet W. Magaya did it for her. Thus, she came as a guest house visitor. And soon after deliverance and the one-on-one session with Prophet W. Magaya in which he declared her free, she received a text message from the Zimbabwe local bank confirming that the transfer had gone through,” said Magaya’s ministry in a statement.