PICTURE: Did Malawi president officially open a toilet??

Regional and International Media has been awash with news mocking Malawi leader Peter Mutharika for “officially opening a toilet”.

Mutharika on Saturday opened Namilonga Community Technical Colleges and during the event he was shown various products students at the institution make including special type toilet equipment.

The President was incidentally captured in one picture from the event shows Mutharika inspecting a toilet equipped with material made by the college students.

The picture has been shared widely on media and it has become a source of mockery for the president.

A Zambian Facebook page posted the image on Monday and claimed that Mutharika was officially opening a toilet.

Many people commenting on the post believed Mutharika was indeed launching a toilet and mocked the Malawi leader saying he was doing the work of a councillor.

“African heads of states. You can’t even delegate over a toilet sure,” said one commenter.

“That’s what I like about Africa. Even a toilet head of state should come and officially open, ahhhh Africa,” chipped another.

While one commenter said: “When its campaign time, you opt to officiate anything. Now toilet. Lol”

Several commenters however condemned the page for posting inaccurate information and clarified that Mutharika was actually opening a community college. agencies