A workplace love affair has ended a 24-year-old marriage.
The relationship between Olivia Makakatamwa and her boss Ian Asam Mwanza was confirmed by pictures which were found in a memory card.

The husband, Redfan Makakatamwa came across incriminating pictures of the two kissing each other. Olivia and Ian are employed by the same a local cleaning company.

“I found pictures of Ian and my wife from a memory card which was given to my son by Olivia to put his stuff.

“I asked for the memory card from my son as l wanted to watch a movie, this is how l discovered those photos.

“I am greatly disappointed Ian aiuya kumba ndichimutakura nemota apa handaiziva kuti zino irema even.

“Her sister is also on the pictures vaindisekerera handaiziva kuti ndivo vaitopa lan base.

“Ian is also a married person,” he said.

Added Redfan:

“Because of Ian my wife would always say she is tired every time she comes back from work.

“Each time she would come from, she would always find small issues and blaming me,” he added.

Contacted for comment Olivia could not give enough details.

“I am not feeling well,” she said before hanging her phone.

Efforts to contact Ian were fruitless as he blamed poor network connectivity and his phone went on unanswered.

A manager within the workplace said:

“I questioned lan about the pictures and he said he is greatly shocked where are these pictures coming from.

“I am told the husband of Olivia spoke to line manager of Olivia and it appears they agreed on way forward,” said the manager.

A close source informed H-Metro that Redfan is bitter over the leaked photos of lan Asam Mwanza kissing Olivia and enjoying quality moments.

“Redfan is bitter with Olivia to spoil their 24-year-old marriage blessed with three children.

“In 2010 Redfan had a white wedding where they enjoyed and it’s devastating to see lan doing the same with someone’s wife.

“Redfan secured a job for Olivia at local cleaning company.

“Ian who is boss to Olivia lured her and allegedly facilitated for her promotion.

“The two then fell in love,” said source.