Davido and Boity clash after Harare show

HARARE: Nigerian superstar Davido and South African celebrity presenter Boity are reported to have had a nasty confrontation at a local hotel after the 30 Billion Concert held at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC).

It is in the early hours of Sunday morning after the show that the two are said to have had a bad clash which left some of the Meikles hotel furniture vandalised.

Reports are that police was then called in to calm the situation down.

However, it is not really clear what started the clash but a grapevine version says Davido told Boity in an unconventional way that he wanted to get her in bed, something that did not go well with Boity.

It is then said Boity started throwing tantrums, shouting at Davido. Genius then tried to intervene and calm the situation down but Boity reportedly slapped him.

Reports are Davido was also manhandled by Boity during the fracas which made one of Davido’s members mad and he started threatening Boity telling her never to visit Nigeria.

Called for comment about the incident party organiser Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure confirmed that he heard the rumour.

“I don’t know what happened I was not there, I also heard about just like you did,” he said.