Zim News Latest Today..Harare Protests 3 August 2016

Here are the images taken the moment a BBC journalist was beaten by Zimbabwean Police while filming today’s protests in Harare.

A witness at the scene who refused to be named told zwnews.com that the cameraman only identified as Tendai had his video recording equipment smashed.

It appears Tendai is authorised to cover news in the country and was wearing an accreditation badge at the time of the confrontation as seen on the photos below.

Zimbabweans took to the streets today to protest against the introduction of a token money(Zimbabwean US dollar version) known as Bond Notes.

As the broke Mugabe government struggles to pay civil servants and to revive the ailing economy, authorities in Harare decided to  print a token money that has since been dismissed and rejected by the masses as ‘useless toilet paper’.

The bond notes should have been introduced last month but the country’s leadership panicked following deadly riots in Harare and BeitBridge Border Post last month.

bbc journalist attacked beaten by zimbabwe police in harare, cameramen zwnews.com