TM Pick n Pay Masvingo today barred a woman with albinism from getting into the shop because her skin could not be sanitized at the entrance, TellZim can report.

Agnes Gurunhe (35) of Mucheke A in the city, was prevented from getting into the shop, first by security people manning the entrance and later by till supervisor William Kokela.

This was after she had requested that she be given water and soap to wash her hands, rather than to have her use chemical sanitizer which is not friendly to her skin.

“I politely asked that I be given water and soap to wash my hands because my skin seriously reacts to sanitizers but the people manning the entrance said there was no water at the shop and they then denied me entry.

“I then requested to see the manager and they brought a man whom I assumed to be the manager. The man said it’s either I get my hands sanitized or I could not enter.

“After some talk, they then said I could list down the grocery items I wanted to purchase so that a staff member would do it for me while I waited outside.

“I considered that to be unreasonable because that would mean that I give them my bank card and my secret PIN,” Gurunhe told TellZim.

After the stalemate, Gurunhe was turned away from the shop.

TellZim contacted Disability Amalgamation Community Trust (DACT) chairperson Hentry Chavhanga who said he was shocked by the incident.

“I am on my way to find out what happened. That is an outrageous act of discrimination and TM Pick n Pay must be held responsible for that,” said Chivhanga, adding that he was going to seek audience with the shop manager.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen government promulgating regulations that require business owners to sanitize their customers and check their body temperatures at the entrances.