A former opposition MDC parliamentarian who defected to the ruling Zanu PF has been exposed after failing to substantiate his poorly evidenced claims insinuating that during his time in the opposition, he- and others currently aligned to Nelson Chamisa’s CCC party- used to visit the White House, in Washington DC, to ask for more sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Tongai Matutu a former Member of Parliament for Masvingo Urban, torched a storm on social media when he tweeted:

“During my time in the CCC/MDC, we used to go to the White House every year to ask for more sanctions/suffering of the people. In 2006/7 we succeeded in starving Zimbabwe (and) the blame fell on Zanu Pf and we took all the credit. I owe Zimbabwe an apology, I hope history wont judge me”

Matutu, who left the then MDC Alliance that was led by Nelson Chamisa after he was disqualified from contesting the provincial chairmanship post ahead of the 2019 Gweru Congress, however failed to substantiate his sensational claims after a former colleague, Netsai Marova who is now a member of the Nelson Chamisa-led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), said with his penchant for photoshoot moments, he can validate his claims by posting a file photo of him and others at the White House.

Questioned Mariova:

“Who did you go with to the White House?

“With your love of pictures & power I challenge you to produce a photograph , who would go to the oval & not have a photo opportunity .you fit in so well in Zanu because you are a lying manipulative deranged delusional human being.”

The former Masvingo legislator is among several then MDC officials who are being used by the ruling ZANU PF party to de-campaign their erstwhile colleagues ahead of the 26 March by-elections.
Matutu recently told a Zanu PF rally at Pangolin Shopping Centre that voting for the Opposition was akin to casting a ‘spoiled vote’.

“There are two types of votes, spoiled and counted votes, spoiled are those where you fail to put an X where it is required or voting for two or more candidates and also voting for the opposition is now spoiling a vote. So I want to urge you to vote for Zanu PF to avoid spoiling your votes”, he said.