FORMER Zimbabwe first lady Grace Mugabe has resurfaced in a family photo with President Robert Mugabe and Robert jnr.

While Grace’s fans have been wondering why her husband is rapidly losing the looks of a former statesman, they have lots of  praise for a woman who can easily pass for a 33-year-old spinster.

Regular gym and rigorous karare exercises may be keeping her younger.

Not a stranger to controversy, Grace was in the news recently after a former female CIO spy  who worked  at BlueRoof revealed that the martial arts superstar nearly killed her at State House for accepting a wedding present(money gift) from President Mugabe.

Shupikai Chiroodza whose case is now lodged with the High Court narrated her close encounter with death:

“Upon arrival at my work station at about 1700hrs on 13th March 2017, I saw the then first lady waiting for me, when I reached the main door of the house where she was standing she started shouting at me and seized me by the neck and pulled me inside the house and locked the door. She started beating me with clenched fists shouting, ‘unoda kuzviita ani pano? (who do you think you are here?) you are milking my husband behind my back’. I did not utter a word as I was terrified. She removed her shoes and continued assaulting me with it and blood started gushing out of my forehead, mouth and nose. The assault continued for about 20 minutes.