When Peter Moyo released his six-track album on August 18 this year, many Utakataka music fans had thought that the end of the beginning for the empire the late Tongai Moyo had built over the years was nigh.

Of course, being someone who was touted as the heir apparent to the throne which his inimitable father had laboured to establish in a glittering career that saw him being counted amongst the finest in the bloated Sungura genre.

Apart from the track that he featured Zimdancehall crooner Freeman titled Rufu, Peter’s album, Maricho KwaVaMoyo apparently concords with public opinion insinuating that the former footballer is a better person on the soccer pitch than he is on the music stage.

But, if one gets the rarest opportunity of having a feel of Tongai Moyo Jnr ‘s demo of his forthcoming yet-to-be-titled debut album, it is quite apparent that the days of Peter’ s supremacy as the Number One man in Utakataka music are numbered.

“It is quite clear that Tongai Jnr ndiye ane chimuti,” a source close to the Moyos told Zwnews.

“The fact that Tongai is the bull in the Utakataka kraal was testified when his single, Cain and Abel, proved to be miles ahead of all of Peter’s productions thus far,” he said.

This publication also had a feel of some of the songs of Tongai Jnr’s impending debut and songs to look out for include, Mbinga, Tsoka YeRudo and Titambe Ngoma.

The album is set to be released on 15 October, the day ‘Bvumavaranda’, as Dhewa was known, died a decade ago.

The question that remains to get the answers of merry makers and show-goers alike remains: “Will Tongai Jnr revive the brand left by his iconic father, Tongai Moyo Dhewa Samanyemba.