1. Former ZANU-PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South, Killer Zivhu has repeated threats that some people will be killed because of the 2023 elections.

In his statement, Zivhu suggested that it was better for Zimbabwe to suspend elections and instead accommodate the opposition in government in order to save lives.

“Guys let’s abandon elections for 10 years, then accommodate opposition parties in Government.

“Tirikungopedza the few resources we have nezvinhu zvisina basa.

“Obviously some people are going to die as usual because of this elections which will never change anything at all,” he posted on his microblog Twitter handle.

Meanwhile, Zivhu once made similar sentiments, adding that some Zimbabweans will flee the country ahead of the polls because of political violence.

Zivhu recently posted on Twitter: “Guys makuhwa andanzwa 2023 hatisviki mushe vamwe vachatiza Nyika.” (From what I heard, it won’t be well for some people before 2023, they will be forced to flee the country).