Passion Java Accuses Tinashe Mutarisi of Deliberately Setting Factory Ablaze for Insurance Money

Controversial self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java has made startling allegations against Tinashe Mutarisi, the CEO of Nash Paints, asserting that Mutarisi intentionally orchestrated a fire at his factory to cash in on an insurance payout.

Passion Java Accuses Tinashe Mutarisi of Burning Down His Own Factory

Renowned for his provocative statements, Passion Java chose video as his medium to assert that Mutarisi masterminded the factory fire as a means to secure financial gain through an insurance claim. In a separate Facebook post, he further derided Mutarisi by likening his emotional state to that of a woman experiencing her menstrual cycle.

“Mutarisi too emotional kunge mukadzi ariku mwedzi!!! U paid insurance boys to cook papers and pay you but vakatariswa vese!”

In response, Tinashe Mutarisi promptly countered these baseless claims, vehemently refuting the accusations and exposing what he deemed to be Passion Java’s questionable tactics.