Jacob Ngarivhume writes:

My fellow Zimbabweans the past 45 days have been an indictment of this government.

There is no greater admission of guilt or self implication than denying citizens of their constitutional rights on the basis of fear.

Hopewell, Job Sikhala and myself along with many others were stripped of our civil rights in front of the whole world in order to protect the secrets of a few who are profiting during our nation’s period of crisis.

But despite the cruel and undeserved treatment my heart is more determined and my spirit made stronger.

We have nothing to be ashamed of for our demands are simple and noble. For 40 years we have lived as prisoners in our own land denied of basic rights that many in this world enjoy without restriction.

What we want is simple; a government that is truly for and by the people.

The right to life, freedom and happiness. Challenging the government to that end is not a crime, but a great commission for this generation.

A commission we have accepted and one we will not fail.

Zimbabwe will be a free country in our lifetime.

God bless you

And God bless Zimbabwe.