Data analysts Team Pachedu say about 176,059 voters are now missing from the voters register and has since implored the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to give an explanation.

Team Pachedu maintain that on 8 July 2023, ZEC announced that the final voters roll had 6,619,690 voters.

However, on 10 July 2023, ZEC published a voters roll which had only 6,443,631 voters.

“ZEC must explain the missing 176,059 voters,” said the data analysts.

Apparently, several political activists and non-governmental organisations have been piling pressure on the electoral body to release the electronic version of the voters’ roll into the public domain, rather than the printed copies.

However, ZEC has been refusing to release the electronic version of the voters roll on the grounds that this would compromise the security of its database.

Few days ago, ZEC furnished presidential candidates with copies of the voters’ roll saying the rest of the participants will be given theirs soon.