Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa has called for peace at all times while warning violent instigators that the outcome of violence is unpredictable.

As if in response to a ZANU-PF official who is trending on social media calling on for the killing of Chamisa, his children and party members, Chamisa said violence is bad adding that its outcome is unpredictable and costly.

“PEACE IS PROFITABLE FOR ALL AT ALL TIMES…THE OUTCOMES OF VIOLENCE ARE OFTEN UNPREDICTABLE AND COSTLY,” Chamisa captioned a video in which an instigator of was on the receiving end.

Over the years, ZANU-PF members have been accused of perpetrating violence against opposition party members.

In some cases opposition parties have been forced to retaliate resulting in bad scenes.

Apparently, leaders of the country’s main political parties ZANU PF and CCC are on record denouncing violence.