Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has taken a swipe at his ex lover Susan Mutami claiming she is bitter with him because he refused to marry her as she had wanted.

Mliswa says unlike the 14 women he has children with, Mutami’s baseless accusations are now forcing him to disclose something which should have been kept secret from the public.

“She has weaponised her sexual dramas into bludgeons against supposed opponents. I didn’t envisage this scenario at the start hoping we would remain civil.

“Thus out of the 14 women I have children with I have to display private interactions with her here to show her duplicity!,” says Mliswa.

He adds:

“Susan hoped for marriage and when she realized that wasn’t going to happen she has decided to revise history with false accusations. She has accused me of murder, accused me of impregnating a young Norton girl and plotting to murder the President’s son. All with no evidence!!

“Just because someone has refused to marry you shouldn’t mean you create fake stories! Move on with life! Now a whole sexual and marital matter has been translated into a political issue laced with lies and all you people have swallowed it whole!

“Our relationship may have failed to result in marriage as she hoped but that shouldn’t warrant her to take me hostage through false accusations of murder. What level of bitterness is that? Now she has all of you hitched onto the trailer of her bitterness about marriage!!”

Mliswa says he is not like other politicians who have been cowed into silence.

“I will simply respond to any of her fake stories about me with her own posts showing a different picture.

“Other politicians have been cowed into silence&fear by the shock of her utterances but not me. I don’t& won’t shy from a fight, moreso where one is lying barefaced!”

Meanwhile, Mutami revealed that she has had sexual relations with a number of prominent and high profile politicians including late former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sibusiso Moyo and President Emmerson Mnangagwa among others.

As noted by Mliswa some of the living politicians in Mutami’s list of former lovers have chosen to be silent, but Mliswa says he won’t be cowed into silence.