Renowned political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says as Zimbabwe moves towards 2023, the opposition should work 1000% to make it difficult, impossible for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to find itself in a situation where bogus, fake results are announced for losers.

He believes what happened in Chegutu West where ZANU PF’s Dexter Nduna remains Member of Parliament despite defeat should not be allowed to happen again.

Ruhanya says it is a false and dangerous proposition to think that change will come on its own.

“The history of democratic transitions, breakthrough show us the role of citizens broadly not just opposition; take part, register to vote, vote,” he says.

Ruhanya further explains: “Unpopular and unelectable regimes pack electoral management bodies as a strategy to safeguard their manipulative tactics when faced with both internal divisions and a strong opposition.

“These officials are tasked with manipulating results, announcing fake outcomes.”

Apparently, Ruhanya says authoritarian regimes fall because of deep internal divisions usually along patronage, extractive, predatory and ideological lines and the opposition’s contribution to it.

“When ruling party factions fight, the opposition should avoid taking sides but should build own arsenal,” he says.