HARARE: Sources say several opposition MDC Members of Parliament(MPs) were arrested with others on the run from the army and police who are rounding up all protest suspects.

Despite police reports linking the ruling Zanu PF party to violence and shootings in Harare, the government has blamed MDC-Alliance, NGOs and pressure groups for the violence that broke out in some parts of the country, leading to a loss of life and destruction of property, including burning of buses and police vehicles.

Earlier this week opposition MP Joana Mamombe said she had fled as she feared for her life. Mamombe said soldiers sought her out at her parents’ home on Tuesday and beat up her father, leaving him hospitalised and unable to sit.

MDC MP Charlton Hwende also tweeted citing that some members of Parliament had been nabbed.

“Close to 10 Members of Parliament have now been arrested with dozens others being looked for by army and police. With Parliament scheduled to open next week clearly ZANU PF has no intention to uphold democracy in this country,” he tweeted

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