Out of 61 City of Harare refuse trucks only are working, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) councillors have said.

On Monday the 25th of April 2022, the Harare City Councillors toured the two mechanical workshops at Coventry and Graniteside to assess the condition of the refuse collection trucks and other related machinery.

Meanwhile, the councillors say during this tour a lot of service delivery deficiencies were unearthed, more than 50 refuse collection trucks are non-functional due to various mechanical problems, both minor and major.

“The council has 61 refuse collection trucks but to date only 8 are operational and thus depriving the stakeholders of service,” they say.

According to them, their visit to the site accompanied by some city officials also unearthed some of the things that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency through relevant committees.

As stated by the councillors: To enable to clear all dumpsites in Harare within a period of 4 weeks, the City Council urgently needs the following with the help of stakeholders:

1. 4 x Front and Loader vehicles and the City has two (2) at the moment.

24 x 15 cubic Tipper Trucks and the city has nothing at the moment.

3. 2 Dozers and the city has nothing at the moment.

4. 30 Refuse Collection trucks and currently the city has 8

5. 2 Skid steer Loaders and currently the city has 1 100 000 Litres fuel and currently the city has nothing.