Hell hath no furry like a female South African forex trader who has been exposed for using fake car purchase pictures to entice and lure clients into trading with her.

The woman, who goes by the moniker Khali Billions on social media, claims to be dealing in foreign currency on the internet and has been trying to lure unsuspecting users into investing in her.

In one incident, Khali Billions reportedly went to a Mercedes car dealership and posed for pictures in front of a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon on the guise that she had purchased the top-of-the-range jalopy, but it later emerged that she never bought the car.

To hoodwink her followers and potential clients on the internet, she went to the dealership with a Louis Vuitton bag, a bouquet and champagne.

Khali Billions somehow managed to get an employee to give her one of the keys to a Mercedes G Wagon.

However, as fate would have it, she was exposed by the manager of Avari Cars in Menlyn who went to a news outlet to expose the con car dealer.

“I want to call out this lady. She posted these pics with our brand and is refusing to remove them,” he said.

“She never bought this vehicle. She came with her own flowers, a champagne bottle and an empty LV bag, changed outfits, took pics and went about posting how she paid 5m for this car. The vehicle is still on our floor and available for sale. She is deceiving people into joining her business thinking that it works,” said the manager.

Following the humiliating expose, the woman has since locked her Instagram account.