The shocking details of Oliver Mtukudzi’s WILL that gave everything to his second wife Daisy has caused a volcano on social media with several people claiming the document could have been doctored with some claiming “if he signed, he did not have a clue what he was doing as the late singer was very unwell, bedridden and no longer having capacity  to make sound decisions.”

“No genuineness that this Will is legit and represents what the legendary Tuku would have wished, seems to have been drafted well after Tuku’s death,” wrote one fan.

“Highly unfair, I am hurt children should have gotten something. This Will just messed me up, I worshiped that man,” bemoaned another.

A number of fans have advised that the aggrieved family members contest the Will.

“A Will can be legally challenged if it’s unreasonable despite it being the last testament of the deceased,” argued one.