It was a sombre atmosphere as prominent musician Garry Mapanzure who died in a road accident recently, was laid to rest in Masvingo yesterday.

However, of note was the absence of fellow musicians except Hillzy became a talk of town.

While others could have been unable to attend as would have been tied up with shows, some others may have just chose not to attend.

There was communication on Saturday about Garry’s burial and many people where aware as witnessed by fans who thronged the place to pay their last tributes.

Meanwhile, business woman Olinda Chapel has raised the question on what happened to other artists and why they were not there.

“I have a very stupid question. I watched Garry’s funeral and I am the only one that noticed his colleagues were missing?

“I mean, asi mu music industry hamunobata maoko? All those pictures you posted with him were they for clout?” She questioned.

Some celebrated musicians including Nutty O, Mudiwahood, Enzo Ishal, Sulumani Chimbetu, among others took to their social media handles to mourn the artist but they were absent at the funeral in Masvingo.