Hell hath no fury like four women from Bulawayo who were fined for sharing nude pictures in a WhatsApp group exclusively established for residents from Mpopoma suburb.

This was after 33-year old Linah Ncube had shared her raunchy pictures with Mpumelelo Nyoni (30), her friend from the same neighborhood.

Allegations are that Nyoni further shared the nudes with Viola Chamboko (29) and a Sharon who then leaked the pictures on the WhatsApp group.

Prosecuting, Patson Muchingami said the crime was committed between April last year and June this year when the four were eventually apprehended.

Muchingami told the court that Ncube only discovered that her nude pictures were circulating on social media after she bumped into them on the Mpopoma WhatsApp group.

Subsequently, Ncube filed a report with the police who deployed the cyber crack team comprising police Victim Friendly Unit to investigate the matter.
After investigations, Ncube was arrested for intentionally sending the pictures together with the trio.

According to Muchingami, although the other three accused violated Nvube’s privacy, she was also liable for circulating the interdicted nudes to her friend.

“The three accused persons worked in cahoots and circulated pictures bearing nude photos of the complainant on WhatsApp platforms. They did this in full realisation that there was a real risk or possibility that their conduct would seriously impair the dignity of the complainant,” he said.

“The trio was also found in possession of five nude pictures belonging to the complainant on their phones which is indecent or obscene or prohibited,” Muchingami told the court.

Ncube was fined $500 which she paid while the other three were fined $1 000 which they are supposed to have paid by 27 July or spend 60 days in prison.

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