The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has written to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) expressing reservations on labelling of all motorists without number plates as criminal elements, involved in criminal activities.

ZLHR says in maintaining law & order police must respect right to freedom of movement & fair administrative action that is reasonable protected by Constitution.

The organization says especially when motorists can show they have complied with the law in attempting to secure plates & they have necessary paperwork.

ZLHR reminded police that some innocent citizens have paid for plates but still waiting receiving their number plates.

ZRP recently launched a blitz on unregistered and plateless vehicles saying they are being used in criminal activities.

Meanwhile, many Zimbabwean vehicle owners have applied for number plates but took time to get them owing to bad work ethics and corruption by Central Vehicle Registry workers.

Minister of Transport Felix Mhona recently visited the CVR offices where he read the riot act to staffers.