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Norton residents have raised concerns on meter readers whom they say are not doing justice as they were allegedly not taking water meter readings in some of the houses resulting in estimated charges which are said to be higher than what would have been consumed.

Speaking during a recent meeting with the local authority, residents said the high bills charged after not having received water from Council were unwarranted, adding that some had their own sources of water but are still being charged.

Meanwhile, the Norton Town Council advised residents that they should contact the Public Relations officer or the Environmental Health Technician when the meter readers skips other houses and that for those who had their own boreholes and were no longer in need of Council water should visit the Council Offices so that their meters would be disconnected.

The purpose of the meeting was for the local authority to meet with residents to discuss service delivery issues.

And political analyst and social commentator Elder Mabhunu praised the Norton Town Council for engaging residents, and appreaciate each other’s position with the idea of mapping out way forward on service delivery.

Apparently, residents in Zimbabwe’s urban councils have for years been up in arms with local authorities over, estimates in as far as service delivery was concerned with allegations of rampant corruption.