In a puzzling development, Zimbabwe police authorities have reportedly refused to accept a donation of two vehicles, 15 vehicles and baton sticks from Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa.

The donation, which was aimed at complimenting efforts to fight crime in the town, was donated last year but remained unutilized before they were returned back to the mouth independent legislator.

The move by the police has also angered residents from the town who continue to bemoan rising murder and robbery cases.

Insiders told Open Council Harare that the police refused the donations despite initially receiving them at a handover ceremony attended by Mashonaland West State Minister Mary Chikoka, in 2021.

“The donations were handed over to Norton Police last year but they had been parked all the time.

“The reasons is that ZRP seniors in Harare were not receptive of the donation due to the politics around Mliswa and how he has constantly accused the Commissioner General Godwin Matanga of being corrupt,” a source was quoted as saying.

The two vehicles were returned to Mliswa late last year after spending months parked at Norton Police station.

To facilitate for the return of the remaining bicycles and baton sticks, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Norton Officer-In-Charge, a one Zhanda reportedly informed Mliswa’s office to write withdrawal letters.

Angry Residents

The move has however angered Norton residents who have accused Norton police of playing cheap politics with their lives.

“We have had many instances of reporting cases to the police and they don’t come citing a lack of transport.

“Now they get the cars for free and they refuse them because Mliswa is independent.

Another residents Shibba Kamudyariwa added that Norton had become  a dangerous place due to artisanal miners and police were failing to deal with situation due to limited resources.

“We have had many cases of people attacked with machetes nemakorokoza here because the police are not able to patrol in the evening due to their lack of transport and equipment.

“Now they get vehicles from the MP and they refuse them over politics.

“Do they want people to die? It’s very bad,” he said.

Kamudyariwa added that it is no longer safe to move in the evening in the town and they expected the police to know better.

Mliswa could not be reached to comment on the police actions but is understood to have agreed to take back his donations.