• Samuel Ogoshi, 22, and his younger brother Samson Ogoshi, 20, of Lagos, were flown to the US Sunday after being charged in a four-count indictment 
  • They were charged with the sexual exploitation of minors and with causing the death of Jordan DeMay, a 17-year-old Michigan high school student.
  • Six hours after DeMay was approached for money after sending nudes, he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound

U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan Mark Totten today announced that Samuel Ogoshi, 22, and Samson Ogoshi, 20, of Lagos, Nigeria, have been extradited to the United States from Nigeria to face prosecution after being indicted in May 2023, for sexually extorting numerous young men and teenage boys in the Western District of Michigan and across the United States. Samuel Ogoshi was also charged with causing the death of 17-year-old Jordan DeMay, of Marquette, Michigan, who was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in March 2022.

“Sextortion is a horrible crime,” said U.S. Attorney Mark Totten. “To those who commit these crimes: we will pursue you around the world. And to those who are victims: please know we stand ready to help you.”  U.S. Attorney Totten continued: “I am extremely pleased with how swiftly extradition efforts moved forward and am grateful to the FBI and our Nigerian law enforcement partners for their unyielding work to secure justice in this international sexual exploitation investigation.”

“Financial sextortion is a global crisis that impacts teens in our country and around the world,” said Devin J. Kowalski, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Michigan. “As this case demonstrates, the FBI is committed to working closely with our domestic and international law enforcement partners to prevent young men and women from becoming victims of this tragic crime.”

Jordan deMay

It’s anticipated that the extradited defendants’ initial appearance will take place Monday afternoon at the federal courthouse in Grand Rapids at a time to be determined by the court. Nigerian authorities arrested Samuel and Samson Ogoshi in Nigeria in January 2023, at the request of the United States. Nigerian prosecutors managed the extradition proceedings, on behalf of the United States. On July 20, the Honorable Justice B.F.M. Nyako ordered both Ogoshis to be turned over to the United States to face the charges in the indictment. On August 3, B.E. Jedy Agba, the Solicitor-General of the Nigerian Federation, signed the final surrender order, authorizing the United States to bring the Ogoshis to West Michigan.

Nigerian hackers face FBI music

In a surprising turn of events, two Nigerian men have been extradited to the U.S. to face charges related to a distressing blackmail scheme that reportedly led to the tragic suicide of a 17-year-old Michigan high school student last year.

Samuel Ogoshi, 22, and his younger brother, Samson Ogoshi, 20, originally from Lagos, were brought to the U.S. on Sunday and are scheduled to appear in federal court in Grand Rapids on Monday afternoon, as stated by the Department of Justice. They have been indicted on four counts, including sexually exploiting minors and being accountable for the death of Jordan DeMay, 17. Allegedly, the defendants deceived DeMay into sharing explicit photos and then threatened to expose them to his loved ones.

If convicted, Samuel could face a minimum of 30 years in prison, while Samson faces a minimum sentence of five years.

Earlier this year, FBI agents from Michigan travelled to Nigeria to collaborate with Nigerian law enforcement officials, according to the Justice Department. U.S. officials worked on preparing a request for provisional arrest, aiming to extradite two individuals named Ogoshi and another defendant named Ezekiel Robert. Currently, Robert’s extradition is still pending.

In May, a federal grand jury in Michigan indicted all three men. On July 20, a Nigerian judge ordered the extradition of both Ogoshis to the U.S. to face the charges listed in the indictment. On August 3, the Nigerian solicitor-general signed the final surrender order, granting authorization for the U.S. to bring the Ogoshis to West Michigan.

How Nigerian Bothers  Samuel Ogoshi, 22, and Samson Ogoshi, 20, Took Advantage of US Teen

According to the indictment, the defendants acquired hacked social media accounts and assumed the personas of young women to entice teenage and young adult males into engaging in sexual conversations. Reportedly, they operated an Instagram account under the username “dani.robertts,” which had contacted Jordan DeMay shortly before his death. Once they initiated chat conversations with the victims, the defendants used the internet to gather information about the victims’ home addresses, schools, family members, and friends.

As alleged in the indictment, the defendants then coerced their victims, using their female identities, into producing and sending sexually explicit images of themselves. Subsequently, the defendants created collages that included explicit images alongside other pictures of the victims sourced from social media, including images depicting their schools, family, and friends. The defendants would then threaten to expose these collages on social media platforms, including to the victims’ family, friends, and classmates unless a ransom was paid. The grand jury accuses the defendants of engaging in this extortion and attempted extortion of over 100 individuals.

Jordan DeMay, a senior student who was on the verge of graduating from Marquette Senior High School, where he actively participated in football and basketball, tragically took his own life six hours after being targeted for money, as recounted by his parents.

His parents provided excerpts of text conversations between DeMay and the blackmailers.

One message stated, “I have screenshot all ur followers and tags can send this nudes to everyone and also send your nudes to your Family and friends Until it goes viral… All you’ve to do is to cooperate with me and I won’t expose you Are you gonna cooperate with me…Just pay me right now…And I won’t expose you.”

The blackmailers demanded $1,000, but DeMay could only send $300.

DeMay messaged them: “I’m kms rn [killing myself right now]. Bc of you.”

The Nigerian brothers allegedly replied, “Good…Do that fast…Or I’ll make you do it…I swear to God.”