A prominent newspaper vendor from Chegutu hanged himself after allegedly swindling paper sales on a Chinese betting machine that has become popular in Zimbabwean bars.

The concept of the betting machine is that one inserts a coin or coins and then spins it, depending on luck or technique per se one may win as many coins as possible or even fail to pocket a single penny the whole day losing.

The deceased man prominently referred to as Koshen who killed self yesterday would trade outside Chegutu’s Chicken Inn food outlet.

Police confirmed the death but said details were still sketchy.

A close relative who pleaded for anonymity said Koshen had reportedly swindled hundreds of dollars for papers sales while betting during Easter holiday.

“We are saddened by his death, but information currently at had suggest that he might have swindled cash paper sales while betting. He was an addict of the popular Chinese coin machine placed in bars all over the town at one point he sold $5 airtime at $3 only to raise money for betting,” said the relative.

A source also echoed same sentiments, “3 days ago there was a power blackout in his area and he had to hire my young brother’s taxi trying to locate the betting game. He was now addicted to the coin betting game,” said the source.

A similar fate also engulfed the Chegutu fraternity where an illegal settler hanged himself although under unclear circumstances.

The unidentified man was buried in Chakari.