Mystery surrounds NetOne Director Ranga Mavhunga’s academic Doctorate in the wake of claims by well-placed sources that he unilaterally benefitted from a bogus tertiary institution called Commonwealth University which was once accused of dishing out overnight doctorates to the well-connected political elite.
The university is accused of having also failed to convince top Zimbabwean ICT engineer Jacob Mutisi, 263chat’s Nigel Mugami and main opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to be conferred with the same doctorates.
According to reports, Chamisa was allegedly asked to pay US$3 500 in the event that he wanted to be criminally awarded the lucrative doctorate. The controversy-ridden varsity is also said to have awarded Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) boss Karikoga Kaseke a bogus doctorate and as a result of this, Kaseke is now known as Dr Karikoga Kaseke.
Now, the embattled NetOne Director Mavhunga is said to be proudly posting on LinkedIn ‘an honorary degree projected as an academic achievement,’ the private media reported.
One writer claims that he was also invited by the London Graduate School and Commonwealth University to ‘participate in a life changing seminar at Dubai,’ where participants were going to be conferred with doctorates from Commonwealth University at the end of the three-day workshop.
However, speaking to TechnoMag, Mavhunga rubbished claims that he forked out the green-colored United States dollars to illegally acquire the doctorate. He, however, conceded that the degree was awarded by the controversial institution of tertiary education.
He said he was ‘indeed a bonafide beneficiary’ of the doctorate.
“I studied a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from the Commonwealth University. This is a qualification I indeed earned,” he said.

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