At first glance, Nemiah Madziwa looks like your everyday brother from next door, but when you get the rare opportunity of sitting down with him, you are bound to have second thoughts- definitely!

His projections of a drug-free society is one such reason that differentiates him from the ordinary citizen you may think of.

At 35 years of age, the multi-talented Redcliff based entrepreneur has embarked on an initiative that seeks to take the youths from societal vices, especially drug abuse, by engaging them in musical activities.

“I have actually been touched by the devastating effects of drug abuse by the youths from the neighborhood, and as a result of this, I have taken it upon myself to sponsor a variety of those dedicated to leave drugs and ensure that they record at competitive studios and propel their musical careers,” Madziwa said in an interview with our Arts reporters in Redcliff.

“I have been touched by the talent which our neighborhood oozes with, yet nothing has been done to make sure that we financially cushion these youths”.

While he is currently helping the youths with financial handouts to record at studios of their choice, Madziwa is in the process of establishing his recording stable.

“We are still working on the logistical concerns for the establishment of a homegrown recording studio that will primarily serve the youths from Redcliff and other surrounding environs. We want to have a progressive Zimbabwean youth who will be able to teach other youths about the disadvantages of drug abuse, in a musical way, ” he added.

In Zimbabwe, drug and substance abuse has skyrocketed to agonizing levels with statistics saying at least 30% of the country’s youths are hooked to crystal methamphematine, otherwise known as mutoriro in local circles.