Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says both President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa would need a rerun to win the country’s presidency if elections were to be held today.

Moyo says according to the recent public poll conducted by Afrobarometer, non of the two contestants can win the country’s top job in a go.

“Actually, by showing “Chamisa beating Mnangagwa” with 33% over 30% in a presidential election that requires at least 50 + 1 vote to win; means neither Chamisa nor Mnangagwa would win if the vote is held today.

“With 33%, Chamisa would need 17% + 1 vote to win; a mountain to climb,” he says.

The poll survey indicated that Mnangagwa’s popularity has been on the decline as ordinary Zimbabweans demand answers over the harsh economic climate characterised by skyrocketing prices of goods and services.

However, Moyo believes the results from the Afrobarometer poll survey indicate that neither Chamisa nor Mnangagwa can attain the needed 50%+ for majority rule.

Meanwhile, this is only the second time that Afro-barometer survey has shown an opposition candidate leading in Zimbabwe.

The first time was in 2009 when the late Movement for Democratic Change (MDC T) leader and founder Morgan Tsvangirai led over the late Zanu PF leader Robert Mugabe.

This came two weeks after the consummation of the Government of National Unity.