A NASH Paints employee says her life has been turned into hell after she was linked to an incident at a Harare hotel, whose video has been the talk of social media circles.

The video shows a naked woman being chased down the hotel corridors by another woman.

The social media vibe claims the fleeing naked woman had been caught in a compromising position in one of the hotel rooms by the wife of an unidentified man.

Since then, a number of faces have been linked to the naked woman on the unregulated platforms of social media.

Tarisai Milner Makumbirofa, a married woman who is the marketing and communications manager at NASH Paints, is one of those who have been dragged into the mess.

Her family, including her husband, have claimed she was home throughout the day, when the incident happened at the Harare hotel.

Her employers have also come out in full support of her and have said the damage, which their brand has suffered, cannot be compared with the psychological damage inflicted on Tarisai.

NASH Paints said the disappointing thing was that the video being shown on social media clearly “shows that it’s not her but someone else.”

Yesterday, Tarisai spoke to H-Metro.

“I first started getting calls from my relatives over the issue,” she said.

“They were saying my pictures were all over social media and I visited my Facebook page where I was being tagged.

“But, honestly, we are different – me and the person in the video.

“I am a family person and I don’t know why people are attacking me in this way.

“I am sure from (the hotel), they can confirm the identity of the woman in the video.

“I don’t know why people are doing this to me but the truth shall surely come out.

“Surprisingly, on the day in question, I was with my family at home, and my husband can confirm that.”

In a statement, NASH Paints said: “Nash Paints is a brand for, and by the people, and we always aspire to be in good standing with our public and stakeholders on all matters,” the company said.

“To that end, we take this opportunity to dispel a story published by some social media players that linked one of our employees to a scandal that rocked a local hotel whereby a certain young lady was allegedly caught red-handed with a married man.

“While the allegation has since been retracted, we feel duty-bound to communicate the true position.

“The alleged Tarie, who is our employee, is a happily married woman who was at home in the company of her loving husband and kids, on the day in question.

“While we respect the rights of individuals to communicate and share whatever ‘news’ they find juicy enough, we strongly feel it is important to verify facts prior to any such publication so that we protect the freedoms and rights of all.”

“Tarie is one of our cherished employees, who has continued to conduct herself in the most professional manner, and she has a strong and verified alibi on the day in question.

“We hope that all players in the news and blogging industry exercise due diligence in future correspondence.”