in an earth-shaking revelation, several well-known people, from in and outside Zimbabwe, to include but not limited to prophets, traditional healers, musicians, businesspeople, footballers, politicians and “money-changers”, are said to be included in a list of people who received “super-natural powers” from the late Sekuru Charles Makhuyana Ndunge.

Jabulani Ndunge (44), the heir-apparent to the Ndunge throne, said his family is in possession of a list, with names of all those who were attended to by his late father.

Sekuru Ndunge, who passed away three weeks ago, aged 87, was famous in the sub-region for healing as well as providing “super-natural powers” to those who needed them.

Jabulani, now trading as “Sekuru”, said the list they have, included contact details, especially cellphone numbers, of those who attended his father’s court.

“On the issue of having in our possession a list of people who consulted my father, there is nothing amiss as even hospitals have similar records. That is how we even operate here.

“These famous prophets, they would come and ask for whatever they wanted. What they requested for is what they were given. And some of the traditional healers that are popular, they would also come for ‘strengthening’. Football teams and some footballers, businesspeople, especially those who are into car sales and money-changers, were regular visitors here,” narrated Jabulani, who added that his father would assist some of his clients while he watched.

He added that some prophets from the apostolic sect, as well as some church leaders, were regular visitors at Ndunge’s court.

“My father used to have over 10 million customers spread from across the whole world. Now from such an extensive reach of customers, would it be wrong to come across Government leaders, politicians, or any other celebrities? Those are the majority on our list.

“But as per doctor-patient confidentiality, I am not able to give you these books of records or names, so that you can see for yourself because you might come across your brother’s or father’s name.

“These records are safely locked away in a briefcase which was left by my father.”