MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has cited alleged threats on his life as the main reason he has not been too keen to reveal his movements.

Chamisa disclosed this at late party official Tafadzwa Mhundwa’s funeral wake in Harare on Wednesday.  He Said:

“My travelling at night has a reason…when we travel, we do not publicize it because we are always in danger. We are swimming in a river full of crocodiles.”

Chamisa added in a sarcastic apparent reference to arch-rival President Emmerson Mnangagwa whose moniker is a crocodile, “When you are swimming amongst crocodiles, you have to make sure that they will only see you when you have crossed the river and are on the other side.”

The MDC leader also said his place of residence was a secret with only a few trusted friends in the know.

August last year, Chamisa told a British publication that, “they (State) are trying to eliminate me.”

“These guys are trained to kill and have been tracking me, doing all sorts of things,” he said.