National police authorities have reported the murder of Masiya Masiya, a 32-year old man from Mwenezi who was killed following a misunderstanding at a beer binger on Saturday.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), the suspect has been identified as Owen Moyo.

“Police in Triangle are investigating a murder case which occurred at Marhinganyete Village, Mwenezi, on 02/07/22 at around 1730 hours,” said the ZRP on Twitter.

It is reported that Moyo fatally struck the now deceased Masiya several times all over the body with a log after a misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, said the police, ZRP Epworth is investigating a case of murder which occurred in Makomo Extension on Saturday at around 2200 hours.

“The victim, Tawanda Tomu (42), and his two friends were attacked by two unknown men armed with iron bars and knives. The suspects stole the victim’s Nokia cellphone and vanished into the darkness. The victim’s body was found lying in a pool of blood on 03/07/22 at about 0600 hours,” the ZRP tweeted.