A MUTOKO couple has been fined US$100, or face 30 days in prison, after they bashed a man they accused of bedding their daughter.

Steven Nduwa, 43, and Doreen Mudzengerere, teamed up to bash Tongai Gurajena, 25, for sleeping with their daughter.

They pleaded guilty before magistrate Elijah Sibanda.

The State, led by Nathan Majuru proved that on May 1, at around 3pm and at Keni Village, both parties were at Nyahuni homestead at Chidzidzi village.

According to the State, a misunderstanding arose after the couple confronted Tongai for having sexual intercourse with their young daughter.

At the height of the altercation, the couple started assaulting the complainant.

Steven pushed him to the ground and struck him several times with  fists.

The State also proved that Doreen took a wooden stick and struck Tongai several times all over the body.